DFS (Divorce Fatigue Syndrome)

DFS is a term one of my clients created to describe the way she’s feeling. We both thought it was pretty funny — but completely accurate. 

Divorce is exhausting! Your mind is in overdrive, trying to wrap itself around all of the new ideas, new decisions, new emotions you’re having to face. It’s a lot! So how do you combat DFS? Here are some suggestions.

  1. Sleep more. I don’t mean stay in bed all day, but be sure you get a full 8 hours. That means going to bed at a reasonable time WITHOUT your phone or the TV.
  2. Exercise. Sounds counterintuitive, I know, but getting your heart rate up will actually give you more energy than napping.
  3. Distract your brain. Give it a rest from processing all of this negative information by reading a funny book or watching a mindless sit-com. Make time during your day to disconnect and recharge.
  4. Meditate. My favorite. Even just 15 minutes of solid meditation can make you feel as if you just woke up from a good night’s sleep.
  5. Write gratitudes. Nothing helps you get things in perspective better than writing down all of the blessings in your life. Things might seem pretty awful right now, but remembering that you have people who love you, food to eat and a roof over your head can remind you that this, too, shall pass.
  6. Be good to yourself. Don’t be critical of the fact that you’re tired; instead, realize that you have every reason to be tired. Find ways to pamper yourself. My favorite is a long, hot bubble bath. 
  7. Smile. Sounds dumb, right? But even when you’re angry or depressed, if you force yourself to smile, it will automatically change your mood. Try it. 

DFS is real. I hope this helps. Please leave a comment below, and tell me which ones work best for you.

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  • Let me know when/where we can meet and enjoy some holiday cheer?
    I’m often in Bayshore/Islip in the next 2 weeks
    I’d love to meet in person, I think we will be friends for life….
    The DFS queen

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