Bubble Baths Are Underrated

 I take a bubble bath almost every night. And there has to be a pretty good reason for me not to take one on the others. They are completely underrated. There is simply nothing else that is so completely indulgent, so decadent, so purifying, so utterly enjoyable as far as I’m concerned. 

My husband doesn’t understand it. He calls it “stewing in your own juices”. I don’t care. I do it anyway. I love it. 

When you’re luxuriating in a warm bath with bubbles up to your chin, you feel like a goddess. And we all need to feel like a goddess from time to time. (Apparently, I need to feel like a goddess every night.)

I urge you to indulge in a bubble bath at your earliest opportunity. I don’t care if you use a $100 bath bomb or the kids’ Mr. Bubble or even dishwashing liquid, it’s still the same amazing experience. And, please, go all out. Light candles. Play music. I dare you not to smile.

However, if you are lucky enough to have a Jacuzzi (as I am), please refrain from turning it on when bubbles are present (as I did). You will end up with a Bobby Brady situation on your hands (yes, I did that).

I had a huge mess on my hands, but it was SOOOO worth it. And guess what — it made me laugh out loud. 

And that’s what we’re going after here, isn’t it?



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